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Jewelry Smartwatch with a practical massager

It adds shine and attracts attention. The Maxcom FW58 Vanad Pro jewelry smartwatch is an effective finishing touch to any styling and at the same time has many useful everyday functions. Now, in a unique limited edition, together with the smart watch you will receive a Gua Sha Glov massage plate as a gift that will take care of your beauty.

Are you looking for a gift idea for a friend? Or maybe you need a smart watch that will also function as jewelry? A hit will be the Maxcom FW58 Vanad Pro smartwatch with a round dial, a silicone strap and a metal bracelet included in the set. Now, in a limited edition, together with the watch you also receive a Gua Sha facial massage plate made of rose quartz, matched to the color of the strap.

Massage with a quartz plate

Facial massage is a treatment that until recently was associated with beauty salons, and for some time now we have been more and more willing to perform it ourselves at home. Hence, facial massagers and rollers are becoming more and more popular. Regular facial massage improves blood microcirculation, but also nourishes and oxygenates the skin and facilitates the removal of toxins. Massage slows down the aging process and even reduces existing wrinkles. The most popular rollers are those made of precious stones, such as rose quartz, from which the Gua Sha plate was created, added to the limited edition of the Maxcom FW58 Vanad Pro smartwatch. Its main action is to eliminate wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin, as well as reduce swelling, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. The massager is an original product of the Glov brand.

Women’s watch, friendly functions

The Gua Sha plate will take care of your beauty, and the Vanad Pro smartwatch will watch over your health. It is a combination of a classic watch and highly advanced functions designed for its users, such as menstrual cycle monitoring and a pregnancy calendar. It reminds you about check-ups, fertile days and upcoming menstruation.

Beauty comes in dreams

Sleep is considered the best cosmetic, which is why the Vanad Pro smartwatch monitors the quality of your sleep. The watch will analyze the duration of deep and shallow phases and the number of awakenings, making your regeneration effective. This smart watch also monitors other health functions such as heart rate (manually and automatically detected), blood pressure and blood oxygenation. Advanced optical sensors guarantee reliable results, which are automatically saved in a dedicated application. Do you play sports? Vanad Pro will help you achieve your goals. The watch monitors over 20 sports disciplines and automatically counts steps and calories burned. And thanks to the IP68 tightness class, you can freely jog in the rain.

In touch with the world

Thanks to Maxcom Vanad Pro, you don’t have to reach for the phone to talk, answer or make a call or read a message. You also don’t have to take the watch off your hand when doing everyday household activities. Its thin and profiled housing allows for comfortable use and adapts to the shape of the wrist.

A screen that doesn’t turn off, patterns to choose from

Vanad Pro has a 1.3-inch screen made of polished, curved 2.5D glass, which is set in a metal envelope with an extremely thin frame. Thanks to high resolution and vivid colors, the displayed photos and images look almost three-dimensional. If you are a fan of the traditional look of the dial with a clock that does not turn off, Maxcom Vanad Pro displays the time continuously, also on the turned off screen. It’s up to you whether it will be an analog or digital clock face. You can choose the look of the watch face from ready-made patterns or create your own design, e.g. with a photo. You can choose between colorful and subdued dials, classic and original, elegant and sporty. And the classic look of the watch is matched by an easy-to-use rotary button. A valuable addition is the protective glass, which will additionally protect the screen against scratches or cracks.

Long distance battery

Maxcom Vanad Pro is distinguished by low power consumption and long battery life. You can forget about the need to charge for up to 21 days. Fast and convenient charging is possible thanks to the inductive charger included in the set.

The limited version of the watch is available only in the RTV EURO AGD network – online and in selected stationary stores for PLN 449.

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