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JLab vs. JBL: longer listening, more power

Wireless TWS headphones mean, above all, freedom of use, no cable and a convenient case with a power bank. They are useful when listening to music from portable sound sources, both while running and, for example, on public transport. Are you wondering about choosing a specific headphone model? The most technologically advanced ones, such as JLab GO Air POP, are more handy compared to JBL Wave 100, ensure longer listening to music and better sound quality.


It is difficult to find a 3.5 mm headphone output in new phone models, which naturally leads us to use wireless headphones. And each year they become more and more modern and provide greater listening comfort. The popular JBL Wave 100 model provides playback for 20 hours. Because brands are trying to outdo each other in improving these parameters, the JLab GO Air POP model allows you to play music or make calls for up to 32 hours. Each earphone provides 8 hours of music playback, and the case, which acts as a power bank, extends this time by an additional 24 hours. Additionally, the built-in USB cable makes charging the headphones extremely easy.

It is important that the headphones you wear outdoors are resistant to sweat, moisture and rain. To check the degree of water resistance, look for the IPX marking, which determines the level of protection against dust and moisture. JLab GO Air POP has the IPX4 symbol, which provides protection against spraying and splashing water from various directions with an intensity of up to 10 liters per minute, even during heavy rainfall.

The JLab GO Air POP headphones come in three tip sizes, so you can get the incredible EQ3 sound quality. To hear the difference, just tap once or twice and the sound will adjust to your personal preferences. You can choose from three modes: BASS BOOST, i.e. strengthening the bass and sub-bass, BALANCED guarantees an even sound at all levels, and SIGNATURE, i.e. enhanced vocals and bass.

Both JLab GO Air POP and JBL Wave 100 have the Dual Connect function, which allows you to seamlessly, conveniently listen to music or make calls using one or both headphones. Both models also have the option of convenient touch control directly from the headphones.

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