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Maxcom SA with sales growth in 2022

Maxcom SA increased sales by almost 5% in 2022, recording record sales revenues.

Despite many challenges dictated by the geopolitical situation in the world and the economic realities of Poland, Maxcom SA increased sales in 2022. Maxcom’s portfolio has been enriched with new product lines such as Smart Home devices, laptops, innovative mounting systems for photovoltaics and limited edition jewelry of smartwatches.

In 2022, Maxcom had to face the consequences of the war in Ukraine. Particularly severe were increases in the prices of services and components used in the production of consumer electronics, an unprecedented increase in the exchange rate of the dollar (USD), which is the purchasing currency for Maxcom products, in relation to the Polish zloty (PLN), in which the vast majority of Maxcom sales are valued, by almost 20% and a gigantic inflation in Poland, which determined the cost of money at the highest level for several years.

Despite the unstable situation on the markets in 2022, the Company managed to significantly improve the cash liquidity ratio, and the trade receivables turnover cycle was shortened by 15 days. Shortening the inventory rotation cycle by 17 days was also a success. Maxcom increased sales in 2022 by almost 5% compared to 2021 and thus generated record sales revenues amounting to PLN 128,125 thousand. zloty.

The significant increase in interest in Maxcom was caused by the expansion of the product range to include products that fit current trends and respond to market demand, the development of e-commerce and the increase in exports. The new assortment included not only its own brand, but also well-known, global brands cooperating with the company.

The Management Board of Maxcom predicts a significant increase in the Company’s revenues in 2023. The brand maintains its position as the dominant supplier of devices for national sales networks and mobile operators in the categories of classic phones and is dynamically approaching the leading manufacturers of smartwatches. Sales of products from these categories on foreign markets are also systematically growing – the brand is already present in over 20 countries, mainly in Europe.

Maxcom is constantly developing its product portfolio to make it more and more competitive and tailored to the diverse needs of consumers. The new assortment applies to the Maxcom line, but also to global brands cooperating with the company, such as Lenovo or the American JLab. Maxcom products fit into the electromobility trend (e.g. electric scooters or Rubbee or Smart Home devices) and enabling seniors to find their way in the world of new technologies (e.g. classic phones with the WhatsApp function). The company is also developing an offer of solutions related to renewable energy systems, which is based on the wholesale of photovoltaic components. Also new in the Maxcom portfolio are laptops and DVB-T2 decoders, which are a response to market demand.

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