Laptop Maxcom Office mBook14 Pink

Do you need equipment for productive work or school? The slim and light Maxcom mBook14 laptop with efficient components: a 2 Mpx camera for video conferencing, an SSD drive and a matte FullHD screen facilitates effective work.


Product description


Pack your bags and don’t worry about the extra burden

– just go into the unknown!


Convenient for traveling

You travel the world, but at the same time you need to be in constant contact with your colleagues? Or maybe you value mobility and, working from anywhere, you need slim (only 1.59 cm! ) remote work equipment? The lightness of the equipment (only 1.18 kg ) will be an advantage that will be appreciated by every traveler – whether for business or studies. The mBook14 laptop will allow you to comfortably perform your office duties wherever you are.

Or maybe you dream of working on the terrace or sitting in a hammock on a sunny day? The mBook14 laptop is equipped with a matte matrix, so you can devote yourself to your business duties even on a cloudless day. As you feel comfortable! The lack of reflections and reflections will increase the comfort of work and reduce the feeling of eye fatigue.

Comfortable at work

The mBook14 laptop has efficient components that will go well with your unconventional approach and initiative! The Intel Celeron J4125 processor was designed for efficient office work, which, combined with  8 GB of RAM, will unleash creativity in your work. Thanks to the 2 MP video conferencing camera, you will discover the image quality in online meetings. mBook14, with its saturated colors and clear image, will keep up with you during sessions, meetings or training sessions conducted remotely. Build relationships with colleagues, take part in online meetings with friends – don’t feel the distance between you!

By equipping the mBook14 laptop with a mini HDMI port, displaying the image using a projector or additional monitor will be even easier. Fans of listening to music in headphones will appreciate the 3.5mm audio connector ensuring sound stability. Go ahead and work without any interruptions!

Practical for everyday use

Work, study, rest – in each of these situations you will appreciate the 14-inch screen. mBook14 will provide comfort while performing duties, watching movies or engaging in any other digital entertainment. Unleash your unconventionality! And the Full HD screen resolution will help you show the effects of your work . High image quality will satisfy even the most demanding users. The mBook14 laptop is equipped with USB 3.1  and USB 2.0 ports,  thanks to which you can easily connect a portable drive with data or holiday photos, a mouse, speakers to put yourself in a good mood, or a small lamp.

You live fast, you want to be up to date – that’s why, with the mBook14 laptop from Maxcom, you get the opportunity to upgrade your current operating system to Windows 11 for free. Thanks to this, you gain tools that will increase your productivity and let your imagination run wild. The usability and functionality of the mBook14 laptop also goes hand in hand with the aesthetics of workmanship and elegant, business design.





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