Maxcom MK241 4G KaiOS

Classic phone and smartphone in one 4G

SKU: MK241

Product description

An ordinary phone with extraordinary functions

The MK241 is a perfect solution for users who prefer to use their phone with smartphone functions using convenient keys and do not like annoying touch marks on screens.


With smartphone functions

MK241 is an ideal solution for those who prefer phones with a classic, physical keyboard and at the same time want to take full advantage of the functions offered by smartphones. The KaiOS operating system installed in the MK241 provides a full range of such possibilities. The platform offers popular applications that facilitate communication or games that make time more enjoyable. KaiStore is the perfect place for gamers. There are plenty of games available in the store and new titles are added all the time.

Control applications with a button

MK241 is equipped with a set of the most popular applications used on smartphones. From the first time you turn on your phone, you can use popular social networking applications, including Facebook and Twitter. The phone also has a Google package available, such as: Gmail, YouTube, Google Assistant and Google Maps.

Google Maps

From now on, you will never get lost again, and MK241 will become your perfect companion when traveling by car, cycling or walking. Thanks to the installed Google Maps application, you will always find the address you need.

A battery that will last longer

The phone uses components optimized for low energy consumption, and MK241 is equipped with a modern 2000mAh battery. This solution guarantees that the MK241 model can last up to two weeks without charging. Alternatively, on one charge it will support about 20 hours of non-stop calls. It's better to set a reminder where the charger is hidden.

The most precious moments always with you

MK241 is equipped with two cameras: front and rear. Thanks to this, the user can take full advantage of the possibilities offered by mobile messengers and take and publish photos on social media. A convenient keyboard and a dedicated camera button allow you to capture every moment worth remembering.

Handy and ergonomic

You will love MK241 for its classic design and ergonomics. This compact phone measures 12.4 cm in length and less than 5.5 cm in width. The optimally sized screen is located at the top of the phone, and just below it is a classic keyboard. All elements are designed so that you can operate it with one hand.

What’s inside matters

Our phone combines the advantages of a physical keyboard and mobile applications. The compact MK241 has been optimized in terms of energy consumption and battery life. The use of the well-known dual-core Qualcomm processor saves power consumption. Additionally, the phone has 512MB cache and 4G internal drive. Using a microSD card, you can expand the phone’s memory up to 32GB. The device is equipped with a modern wireless communication module and precise GPS.


Frequency (GSM) 2G (MHz)

Frequency (WCDMA) 3G (MHz)


Display Size (")

Resolution (pix)

Rear camera (Mpix)

Front camera (Mpix)


SOS button



Internet, e-mail

Hands-free function

Speed ??dial


Voice numbers

FM radio


Supports microSD cards up to

Battery capacity (mAh)

Standby time (hours)

Talk time (hours)

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