Maxcom Comfort MM39D

A modern and good-looking 4G landline phone with a SIM card. Easy to use and comes with a desktop charger. The perfect companion as an office and home phone.


Product description

Modern home telephone

MM39D is the sequel to the best-selling landline phone.

The new design and compact size allow for easy use of this model.

Stay up to date

MM39D is a modern 4G phone. It will be the perfect companion at home and in the office. The ergonomic casing makes the device fit very well in any hand.

Simple and ergonomic

You will find a lot of useful amenities on your phone. The island keys will help you find them - thanks to them you can easily select the desired function or find the number you need. And the phone's large screen ensures good readability of texts and images.

Forget about cables

MM39D is a wireless phone with a battery that provides many hours of calls on a single charge. It also has a comfortable stand that also serves as a charger and a ``caller`` for the handset. All this means that the MM39D is always ready for action and, most importantly, in its place.

Useful functions

Turn on the radio when you are on the move, play photos or videos and go back to priceless moments. You keep accounts - the calculator will help you with the calculations. The calendar will remind you of important events, and the alarm clock will come in handy so you don't oversleep on them...



Display Size (")

Resolution (pix)


Hands-free function

Speed ??dial


Supports microSD cards up to

Battery capacity (mAh)

Desktop charger

USB port

Dimensions (mm)