Maxcom Comfort MM735

A unique phone with a wireless, waterproof SOS band that allows automatic calls to a programmed number in hands-free mode.

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Product description

Comfort MM735
The phone that takes care of you.
Comfort MM735 – always stay connected and well taken care of

A unique phone with a wireless, waterproof SOS band that allows automatic calls to a programmed number in hands-free mode.

Let me know you're there

Before you see the advantages of your Comfort MM735, get to know the SOS wristband from Maxcom, which, combined with the phone, constitutes a harmonious life-saving team. The band contains an easy-to-use button that allows you to directly connect to the MM735 and perform a specific action, e.g.: call 112 for help, contact your loved ones or send them your GPS location via SMS. The SOS headband is made of a flexible and delicate material that absorbs moisture and does not cause abrasions on the skin. The strap is adjustable. The headband is discreet and light in a classic black color. The device is also waterproof. We include an SOS wristband with every Comfort MM735 model so that you can feel even more confident no matter where you are.

SOSheart for safety

We also equipped the MM735 comfort phone with a special SOS button, which is intended to call for help in a crisis situation. The SOS button is located on the back of the phone, just below the camera. We designed it in the shape of a heart so that you can find it quickly and without unnecessary thinking. Thanks to this, you can call your loved ones or the emergency number in one move.

A flashlight always at hand

Comfort MM735 is a phone designed to make life easier. Therefore, it contains additional buttons that activate specific functions with one click. You have already learned about the SOS button, so see how the flashlight works - you can turn it on and off without having to look for the command in the phone menu. The button is located on the side of the device, right next to the display. There you will also find a button to lock and unlock the phone.

Powerful battery and comfortable base

Comfort MM735 is always at the ready. We have equipped it with a capacious and durable battery (1400 mAh) that will last for many hours or even days. In addition, we provide you with a comfortable phone stand with a charger function. But that's not all! The stand includes an additional output that allows you to charge a second phone at the same time.

Simple, comfortable, but modern

Comfort MM735 has a comfortable keyboard and a large screen with high display contrast (2.2” TFT 220 × 176 pixels). This is a functional and intuitive menu where you will find what you need, and you can choose from many modern amenities: – FM radio;
– camera and camera (2 Mpix);
– movie and music player;
– alarm clock, calculator, calendar;
– Bluetooth 5.0, GPRS, WAP, MMS.
Comfort MM735 also has a capacious internal memory that allows you to save up to 500 contacts and 400 SMS and 100 MMS without having to constantly free up space. Moreover, it is light, handy and resistant to use. This is an investment that will take care of your comfort always and everywhere.


Frequency (GSM) 2G (MHz)

Display Size (")

Resolution (pix)

Rear camera (Mpix)

SOS button



Hands-free function

Phone book number


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Voice numbers

FM radio

Supports microSD cards up to

Battery capacity (mAh)

Standby time (hours)

Talk time (hours)

Weight (g)


Desktop charger

Dimensions (mm)

3.5mm audio jack socket