MAXCOM Comfort MM827 4G

A stylish and handy flip phone available in four colors. Thanks to 4G VoLTE, it provides great coverage and the best call quality. Additional, programmable keys allow you to assign contacts to them for quick selection.

SKU: MM827

Product description

Stylish and handy. This is what the MM827 is like

A phone that fits perfectly in your hand and is comfortable to use. Larger keys and clear numbers make it easier for older people to use. MM827 is a slim phone that, after closing the flap, will fit into any pocket, purse or purse.

A flip phone for seniors

The MM827 phone looks like classic flip phones, but its functionality is much more advanced. 4G VoLTE technology ensures even better call quality - your calls will sound clearer and external noise will be reduced as much as possible.

Perfect for your grandma and grandpa

The phone will help you stay in touch with your loved ones. The MM827 model is equipped with an extremely important SOS function – a clear button marked with the SOS symbol on the back casing ensures the fastest possible connection to the contact programmed for this purpose. SOS – a button that can save your life – without having to search your saved contacts or enter the number. There are also 3 additional keys on the keyboard that allow you to program selected contacts. Speed ​​dial keys make it even easier to use your phone and connect you with your loved ones almost instantly. The keys on the MM827 model are extremely comfortable, large and are also slightly backlit, making it easier to use in the dark.

Readable and clear image

The MM827 flip phone has two colorful and large displays. The internal display with a diagonal of 2.8 inches and a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels will make it easy to select contacts, read text messages and browse the photo gallery. However, on top of the phone there is a smaller one with a 1.77-inch screen. Without opening the flap, you will see basic information such as date, time, battery status and missed calls.

Preserve precious moments

The phone also has a 2-megapixel camera, and the photos you take can be saved in memory or, for example, downloaded to other devices via wireless communication. With this easy-to-use camera, you'll take photos to share with your grandchildren!

Comfort and safety

The phone is equipped with a number of amenities, including: an alarm clock, a calendar and a calculator. In low light conditions, use the built-in flashlight and stay entertained by listening to the FM radio. Use the hands-free function while driving. If you need to call for help, use the convenient SOS button.

Charging with a convenient desktop charger

The phone comes with a practical desk charger. All you need to do is put ``your flap`` back on the stand after the call, and the phone will start charging itself. Don't worry that your battery will die at the most inopportune moment.


Frequency (GSM) 2G (MHz)

Frequency (WCDMA) 3G (MHz)

Display Size (")

Resolution (pix)

Rear camera (Mpix)

SOS button



Hands-free function

Speed ??dial


Voice numbers

Supports microSD cards up to

Battery capacity (mAh)

Weight (g)


Desktop charger