MAXCOM MS572 Smart&Strong

Maxcom MS572 Smart&Strong is another version of the Maxcom smartphone for special tasks. The new device is even more resistant and durable than its renowned armored predecessor. A solid casing, ergonomic surface texture and a durable and comfortable charging port cover are details that will be appreciated by anyone who needs a device for special tasks.

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Product description

MAXCOM MS572 Smart&Strong

MIL and IP68, i.e. a smartphone certified for durability. Compliance with MIL certificate guidelines proves that the device is durable and resistant to falls and shocks. MIL draws on military guidelines, which constitute the basis for assessing equipment in terms of its suitability as an element of equipment intended for people who play survival games for relaxation. Thanks to IP68, you can continue your social media coverage even during a staged accidental swim in a 1.5-meter puddle.

A smartphone is not just for calling

You can go really far with this waterproof, durable and rugged smartphone. That's why it is equipped with an NFC communication module, which allows you to pair the phone with a payment card or a card for electronic locks, such as in hotels or commercial facilities.
Large 5.7`` screen, camera notch and more

An armored smartphone requires a durable screen. It's obvious that it has to be big, but not exaggerated. There is nothing better than Gorilla Glass, which is standard equipment in Maxcom devices adapted for professional survival. The original pattern and edge of the screen notch were designed based on research results aimed at optimizing the durability of Maxcom screens.

MAXCOM MS572 Smart&Strong
MAXCOM MS572 Smart&Strong

Longer use on one charge

Special tasks may take some time. Therefore, the smartphone specification has been optimized for energy saving. New components and electronics consume less energy, and the MS572 is equipped with an even larger battery. 4100 mAh in normal conditions can sometimes make you forget about the charger


Frequency (GSM) 2G (MHz)

Frequency (WCDMA) 3G (MHz)


Display Size (")

Resolution (pix)

Rear camera (Mpix)

Front camera (Mpix)



Hands-free function



FM radio


Supports microSD cards up to

Battery capacity (mAh)

Weight (g)



Dimensions (mm)

USB port

3.5mm audio jack socket


RAM Memory (GB)

Built-in memory (GB)

Waterproof class