Smartband FW34 Silver

The first fitness band that allows you to monitor your body composition (BMI). The elegant aluminum housing and friendly Polish application allow you to control your progress at an unprecedented level!

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Product description

Smartband FW34 Silver with BMI measurement

Maxcom FW34 Silver is the first smartband that will measure your BMI! From now on, you don’t have to worry whether your training is effective, you will know it on an ongoing basis. Thanks to advanced sensors built into the band and data from the application, you will be able to track your body mass index in real time. This is important not only for exercise, but also for your health.

    • BMI measurement
    • Polish application
    • IP68 waterproof standard
    • Reminder to drink water
    • Working time up to 10 days
    • Social media notifications

Hydration or sitting for too long are some of the most common problems for our health. However, the Silver wristband will allow us to take care of ourselves and, thanks to the motion sensor, it will remind us that it's time to get up from the chair. And when it's time to drink water, we'll be reminded. All this to live a healthier and more pleasant life!

When sports bands came into use, everyone was worried that they would have to charge them every day and this was one of the arguments to stick to classic watches. Maxcom FW34 Silver proves that this is just a thing of the past. Thanks to the capacious battery, you can easily use the band without charging for up to 10 days! This is possible thanks to the use of the latest solutions, including a display with an IPS matrix.

Are you tired of connecting your wristband to an application that is only in English? Maxcom meets expectations and implements a 100% Polish application for the Silver wristband. FROM now you will be able to synchronize your smartband and analyze data without the need to translate each item.

But it is not everything! Maxcom FW34 Silver has all the most important functions of sports bands: measuring calories burned, pulse oximeter, remote camera shutter, notifications from social networks, measuring pulse, measuring steps and many, many more. This makes it the perfect companion for your daily activities!


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