Smartwatch FW25 Arsen Pro Black

It is advanced technology in a light and extremely comfortable, casual form. The smartwatch is distinguished by a large screen with a very narrow and stylish frame and over a hundred dials that will match the watch to any style. The ability to make and receive calls, the notification function and a voice assistant allow you to stay up to date at any moment of your active day.


Product description

In a healthy way!

FW25 Arsen Pro
Discover the power of a smart watch hidden in an extremely light and stylish form. Arsen Pro is a combination of unique design and advanced technology that you will appreciate at every moment of your active day.

Wide screen in HD quality

The HD screen brings colors to life and the stylish, narrow frame adds elegance. Now you can enjoy impressive display quality on your smartwatch.

Shields for all occasions

Arsen Pro offers over a hundred different clock faces that you can match to the occasion or style. You can choose minimalist, extravagant, colorful or subdued designs, or choose your own graphics or photos from the gallery on your phone. You are only limited by your imagination.

Casual conversations

The smartwatch allows you to receive and make calls even while training, cooking or shopping. Your contact with your loved ones has never been easier.

Support for an active life

Don't miss a single important message and stay connected at every moment of your busy day. Connect Arsen Pro to the application on your phone and receive notifications without taking out your smartphone.

Heart rate 24/7

The watch monitors your heart rate, and the results are reliable regardless of your complexion and skin color. Heart rate is an important health parameter, but not only that: controlling your pulse allows you to ensure effective training and achieve your goals related to your dream figure.

Blood pressure under control

Monitor your blood pressure and oxygenation whenever you feel the need. The results are automatically saved in a dedicated application, and the watch will notify you about possible health problems*.
*The smartwatch is not a medical product and the results obtained cannot be treated as medical measurements.

Motivation to move

Arsen Pro tracks your activity and motivates you to exercise when you stay still for too long. Additionally, it counts steps and monitors calories burned while training a specific sport.

Sleep quality monitoring

The smartwatch analyzes your sleep and helps you understand the reason for your poor performance or drowsiness. Sleep quality affects your mood and health - now you can take care of them.

The right rhythm

Change songs, adjust the volume and be carried away by your favorite sounds wherever you are - all from your smartwatch.

Full readiness

Regardless of the conditions, Arsen Pro is ready for action. The IP67 tightness class provides protection against rain, and the weather checking function allows you to properly prepare for outdoor activities.

A week without charging

Arsen Pro is distinguished by an intelligent energy-saving algorithm and a magnetic charger. All this allows for up to 8* days of free use of the smartwatch on a single charge.
*The operating time depends on a number of factors, such as the brightness and illumination time of the screen, the frequency of measurements, and the duration of conversations.

Additional features

In the Arsen Pro smartwatch you will find breathing exercises, the 'find phone' function, an alarm clock, a notification system and many other possibilities. Women can use menstrual cycle monitoring or a pregnancy calendar.





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