Smartwatch FW32 Neon Pink

A streamlined case with a touch screen, equipped with everything a smart device can offer: a pedometer, a heart rate monitor, a sleep, oxygenation and blood pressure monitor, and social media notifications are not everything.


Product description

You don’t have to worry about your fitness anymore!

The Maxcom FW32 Neon smartwatch with blood pressure and pulse measurement will be your companion in daily exercises and will make sure you don’t miss any important information.

The Neon smartwatch is equipped with several sensors (including a heart rate monitor) that will monitor your health. During intense training, you can constantly monitor your heart rate. A smartwatch with a heart rate monitor is extremely important when exercising, e.g. on a treadmill or on a bike.

This model is also a smartwatch with a blood pressure monitor. After training, it is worth checking your blood pressure. After selecting the appropriate option on the watch, wait about 30 seconds and check whether the pressure is OK (the values provided are approximate). If so, you can safely get back to exercising! The blood pressure monitor in our watch can also be a good support for the elderly and people with cardiovascular problems.

Not only during exercise, but also on a daily basis, it is worth taking care of the saturation level (thanks to the built-in pulse oximeter) in our blood. This helps detect dangerous symptoms related to arterial blood oxygen saturation. Therefore, it is worth turning on blood saturation measurement in Maxcom Neon at least once a day.

Stay up to date with all news and calls!

Maxcom FW32 Neon will be your companion in daily exercises and will make sure you don’t miss any important information.

This and many other options are enclosed in a very stylish and, above all, extremely thin housing. It fits perfectly on the wrist and does not interfere with everyday activities.

And thanks to the IP67 waterproof standard, you can easily wash your hands or dishes without removing Maxcom FW32 Neon.




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