Smartwatch FW52 Diamond

A jewel-like and very feminine smartwatch with a bracelet-like strap, a diamond-like case and a screen covered with sapphire glass. Inside, a wealth of sports and health functions. Plus push notifications, music control and an extremely useful phone search option. No woman will be indifferent to this model.


Product description

Feminine and timeless

FW52 Diamond will make you feel like you're on the red carpet - wherever you are and whatever you do. The smartwatch has a jewelry bracelet, stylish dials to choose from and a diamond-shaped cut around the screen. All this makes Diamond eye-catching and adds character to your styling, regardless of the current fashion trend.

The watch is equipped with a 1.09-inch touch screen, slim design and weighs only 49 g. In addition to its timeless design, it is distinguished by a range of functions, including sports and health functions, that women will love.

• diamond cut
• slim housing: only 10 mm thick

For the sake of your dream figure

Diamond will help you take care of your dream figure. The watch will count calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled and record parameters related to the selected sports discipline. The data saved in the database will allow you to track and analyze your condition and progress in pursuit of your sports goal.

• Sports modes and heart rate measurement
• Measurement of calories burned

Health conscious

Diamond combines the elegant character of a traditional watch with the latest health monitoring technologies. The watch can continuously measure pulse and blood pressure, and optical sensors ensure reliable measurements. The results are presented in real time on the watch screen and automatically saved in a dedicated application. The fact that Diamond was created with women in mind is proven by the menstrual and pregnancy calendar, which give you control over women's everyday life.

• 24/7 health monitoring
• Features dedicated to women

Matched to the style

The smartwatch comes with two straps: a gold metal bracelet and a powder pink silicone strap. You can match the watch face to the strap and your style using over 100 ready-made designs. Choose an elegant or sporty variant, a monochromatic or colorful version and express your style in any situation.

• jewelry bracelet + silicone strap
• +100 dials to choose from

Wellbeing guru

Take care of your mental and physical comfort! Motivating you to take a set number of steps every day, analyzing the effectiveness of your sleep, breathing exercises and reminding you to properly hydrate your body are just examples of Diamond's functions that will improve your well-being.

• Water drinking reminder and sedentary alert
• Breathing exercises and sleep monitoring

Always up to date

Not only the diamond motif makes you always fashionable with Diamond! The watch keeps you informed about incoming text messages, social media alerts and phone calls. Intuitive operation and pleasant use of the watch allow you to stay up to date at every moment of your active day.

• Alert on incoming calls and messages
• Social media notifications

Efficient and multifunctional

You no longer have to worry whether the charger will fit in your purse. Diamond's efficient battery means you will forget about charging for 5 days. However, in the context of a bag, the ``find phone`` function will definitely be useful. But that's not all! The watch is equipped with the option to activate the camera shutter on your phone and the ability to check the weather forecast from the watch. Everyday life with Diamond is even more enjoyable.

• Up to 5 days of operation on a single charge
• “Find phone” function and weather forecast





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