Smartwatch FW53 Nitro Gold

Nitro is the lightest sports band with GPS function. Extremely low weight, pleasant-to-touch material and distinctive design make Nitro an indispensable companion in your everyday life. Its sporty character is given by: a pedometer and sports modes, heart rate and blood pressure measurement, high tightness class and an alert system that you can read while on the move.


Product description

Maxcom FW53 Nitro GPS
Smartband for active people

Maxcom FW53 Nitro GPS is the perfect companion for active everyday life. The band is equipped with a GPS system, continuous heart rate measurement and as many as 37 sports modes. All this provides unrivaled support during off-road adventures.

Perfect match

The minimalist and modern design of Nitro GPS makes it easy to match it to any occasion. Regardless of whether you go to work, to a party or go on an expedition into the unknown.

A range of dials to choose from

Thanks to the possibility of personalizing the band with dials, you can adapt it to your current style. A range of graphics awaits you: from bold, colorful versions to elegant, subdued variants. You can also set your own graphics or a photo from your smartphone’s private gallery on the screen.

Nitro GPS offers advanced activity tracking features. You can monitor your calories burned, heart rate and distance during various sports. Record your achievements and analyze your results to achieve better results.

The 37 sports disciplines offered by Nitro GPS include: running, treadmill, mountain climbing, walking, cycling, basketball, skating, football, badminton, weightlifting, yoga, gymnastics, skipping rope, roller skating, riding. skiing, golf, baseball, table tennis, hockey, pilates, tennis, volleyball, handball, taekwondo, boxing, marching.

GPS function

The GPS system allows you to precisely track the route and terrain profile during outdoor training. It is a perfect tool for lovers of running, mountain climbing or cycling.

Health monitoring 24/7

Nitro GPS continuously monitors many health parameters. Monitoring your heart rate during exercise will help you improve your training effectiveness and achieve your body and fitness goals. Blood pressure and oxygenation are important health parameters that are always worth keeping under control.

*The smartwatch is not a medical product and the results obtained cannot be treated as medical measurements.

Multifunctional gadget

The Nitro GPS smart band is not only a sports and health tool. Thanks to the notification functions, you are constantly connected with the world and will not miss important messages or calls. In addition, you can use many other functions, such as playing music, checking the weather or launching the camera on your phone.





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