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Maxcom FW59
Safety and peace of mind in your hands
The Maxcom FW59 is a 4G smartwatch designed to provide peace of mind and security for seniors, as well as assurance for their caregivers that everything is okay. With a SIM card slot, built-in SOS button, and GPS location tracking, it enables immediate contact and support in situations requiring assistance.

FW59 is a watch that becomes a constant companion for seniors, offering an alternative to a traditional phone. This smartwatch is the perfect solution for those who may find more complex devices challenging to use.
Lightweight and Comfortable Design
The FW59 ensures seniors enjoy maximum comfort while wearing it. Its understated design and slender build make it an attractive and versatile addition to their daily attire. The large and clear display, as well as the user-friendly interface, cater to the specific needs of older individuals.
Video calls
The smartwatch has a camera, speaker and microphone, enabling convenient video calls and voice chats. Thanks to the built-in phone book, you can easily contact your loved ones from the watch.
SOS Alarm
A simple 5-second press of the SOS button on the watch activates the alarm. The smartwatch calls a designated emergency contact and automatically sends a message with the wearer's location. This feature provides an ideal solution in case of sudden health issues or emergencies.
Location Tracking (GPS)
Families can easily check the senior's whereabouts at any time. The ability to define safe zones and track route history adds an extra layer of control and comfort for the family.
Remote Control
The FW59 pairs with a user-friendly mobile application that allows remote control of the smartwatch and monitoring of its functions from a smartphone. Users can remotely take photos from the watch's camera, check its location, or activate the microphone.

Maxcom Tracker, the Maxcom’s proprietary application, guarantees simple and intuitive operation, with data security ensured by servers located in Europe.
Strong Battery, Alarm Clock, and Calculator
The capacious 670 mAh battery and low energy consumption ensure extended usage without the need for frequent charging. Additional features like an alarm clock and calculator make the FW59 a well-thought-out and practical gadget for seniors.
Screen 1,85” IPS 240×280
Battery [mAh] 670
Operation time Up to 4 days
Waterproof class IP65
Housing Metal / ABS / TPU
Dimensions [mm] 27×43.2×12.6
Weight [g] 68
Chipset ASR3603S
Memory 192 MB RAM / 128 MB ROM
Dial customization 5 watch faces
Strap Silicon 20 mm
Voice calls, pedometer, video calls, tracking through app, set safe zone, photos, nano SIM, SOS button




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