Smartwatch FW59 Kiddo 4G Blue

Smartwatch 4G stworzony z myślą o najmłodszych użytkownikach nowych technologii, który zapewnia rodzicom spokój, a najmłodszym – radość i bezpieczeństwo.


Product description

Smartwatch 4G designed with young tech-savvy users in mind, providing parents with peace of mind and the youngest ones with joy and safety.

With a SIM card, built-in camera, and calling capabilities, it allows you to stay connected with your child anytime, anywhere. The SOS button ensures instant alarm activation with location tracking.

Appealing design, vibrant colors, and enchanting watch faces transport your child into the realm of their imagination.

All of this makes the Kiddo smartwatch a sensible alternative to a smartphone, also serving as an ideal first watch for your little one.
Light and comfortable design
From the watch's internals to its form and packaging, every detail of the Kiddo has been crafted with its target users in mind. Vibrant colors and a slim 12.7 mm profile make it a stylish accessory for kids. Whimsical graphics delight children when checking the time, while the strap designed for small wrists ensures comfort during everyday wear.
Clear screen and easy operation
The large, fully touch-sensitive 1.85" screen gives the impression of almost three-dimensionality. Watch operation using the rotating button is comfortable, fast, and exceptionally intuitive, tailored to the youngest users.
Video calls
The watch features a camera, speaker and microphone, enabling convenient video calls and voice chats. Kiddo comes with a built-in phone book and allows you to add 15 contact numbers, including 3 emergency contacts.
Safety in every situation
If you have concerns, you can remotely take a photo using the watch's camera and send it to your smartphone or activate the microphone in Kiddo to ensure your child is safe and well. The large aperture and the camera's angle guarantee a wide field of view, and the built-in speaker provides high-quality sound.
SOS function
A 5-second press of the button on the watch activates the SOS function. The smartwatch will then call the designated contact number and automatically send a message with the location. This allows for immediate help when your child feels threatened. If the guardian doesn't answer the emergency call, the watch will automatically dial the next saved SOS contact.
Location (GPS)
With Kiddo, you can check your child's location at any time, as the watch's location is displayed in the smartphone app. You can also set a safe area for your child, and you'll be notified when its boundaries are crossed. In the dedicated app, you can also track the history of their route.
Powerful battery
The 670mAh capacity battery, low energy consumption, and magnetic charger provide assurance that the watch will accompany your child for 3-4 days without needing a recharge.
Polish app, data in Europe
Kiddo collaborates with the proprietary Maxcom Tracker App, with data servers located in Europe. The app allows for remote control of the smartwatch. You can activate the camera, microphone, or check the location, as well as receive photos or messages sent to your child. All essential app features are on the main screen and their operation is intuitive and reliable.
And even more
The Kiddo smartwatch is equipped with many additional useful features, such as an alarm clock, calculator and built-in games, sure to delight the young recipient.
Screen 1,85” IPS 240×280
Battery [mAh] 670
Operation time up to 4 days
Waterproof class IP65
Housing Metal / ABS / TPU
Dimensions [mm] 27×43.2×12.6
Weight [g] 68
Chipset ASR3603S
Memory 192 MB RAM / 128 MB ROM
Dial customization 5 watch faces
Strap Silicon 20 mm
Voice calls, pedometer, video calls, tracking through app, set safe zone, photos, nano SIM, SOS button




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