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Maxcom FW65 Iron S
For the gentleman and the rebel
Iron S is a smartwatch for men of class, valuing elegance and quality. Its original design and high-quality materials make it a perfect fit for a business environment, while adding a distinct character to casual styles.
AMOLED screen, polished glass
Iron S stands out with a 1.95-inch AMOLED screen offering vivid colors and image depth. The polished 2.5D glass set in a slim metal frame gives the watch an elegant, timeless look. The set includes an additional protective glass and a screen wipe to keep the screen in perfect condition.
For men with character
Iron  S is designed with the male wrist in mind. Its solid construction and high-quality materials ensure wearing comfort. The watch case is made of elegant brushed steel. The set includes a steel bracelet, a premium quality silicone strap, and tools for shortening the bracelet and changing straps.
Modernity with a traditional touch
If you love classic style, Iron S is the perfect choice. With the Always-on Display option, you know the time without activating the screen. You can choose between an analog and digital watch faces.
Personalized faces, various menu styles
Customize your watch face to match your style. Choose from many available designs or upload your own image to give the smartwatch a unique character. You can also modify the menu layout, selecting an interface that meets your expectations.
Iron S serves as a personal assistant, helping you manage daily tasks. Set reminders, alarms, and quickly respond to messages and calls without interrupting your activities.
Stay connected
With Iron S, you can receive calls and read messages and social media notifications without reaching for your phone. Stay up-to-date regardless of your situation.
24/7 health monitoring
Monitor your health by tracking your blood oxygen level, blood pressure, and heart rate. Thanks to modern optical sensors, Iron S can measure health parameters 24/7. All data is automatically saved and available in an intuitive app.
* Note that the smartwatch is not a medical device and its results should not be considered medical measurements.
Sleep analysis
Take care of your sleep quality and optimize your daily rest. Iron S monitors sleep phases, including their duration, for better well-being every day.
Fast charging
Enjoy the convenience of fast charging and the long-lasting performance of a 340mAh battery, allowing up to 16 days of use without charging.
Sports at your fingertips
Iron S combines elegance with functionality. Although workouts may not seem like its primary purpose, for those interested, it offers over 70 sport modes to monitor steps, calories, distance, and heart rate. All data is saved in a dedicated app, helping you achieve your fitness goals without sacrificing style.
Product name FW65 Iron S
Dimensions [mm] 54×41×11
Weight [g] 64
Strap width [mm] 22
Screen 1,952" AMOLED 410px×502px
Battery [mAh] 400
Chipset RTL8763EWE-VP
Memory RAM 578 kB + ROM 640 KB
Waterproof IP68
App FitCloudPro





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