Smartwatch Maxcom FW67 TITAN PRO Graphite

An armored watch that has been subjected to 20 military tests. A capacious battery, water resistance and many useful functions make it perfect for everyday wear and for demanding challenges.


Product description

Maxcom FW67 Titan Pro
Smartwatch for special tasks

An armored watch that has been subjected to 20 military tests. The capacious battery, water resistance and many useful functions make it perfect for everyday wear and for demanding challenges.

Not only for the gym

Regardless of whether you train indoors or are a fan of more extreme activities, TITAN has 70 sports modes to offer. The watch is also equipped with intelligent recognition of the discipline performed - including the SWOLF function.

A dedicated application will record all your results: it will count the kilometers traveled, calories burned and heart rate measurement. In addition, it will keep you informed about achieved goals. Aim high and take your watch with you on mountain hikes, climbing or kayaking.

Maximum protection

TITAN is a true warrior among watches. It has passed 20 military tests, confirming its resistance to, among others, extreme temperatures, shocks and impacts. It also works great in humid, muddy and susceptible to harmful UV rays.

The IP69 protection class makes the watch resistant to water and dust, and the 5ATM water resistance means that TITAN can easily cope with depths of 50 meters. TITAN will become your best companion during extreme trips.

Extremely durable

TITAN is equipped with an armored metal structure and a panel made of stainless steel, which guarantees resistance to all types of falls and impacts. The 1.85-inch screen with a resolution of 320*382px is reinforced with protective glass, so you don't have to worry about cracks or scratches.

TITAN combines reliability with unique design - silicone overlays embedded in the frame of the smartwatch emphasize the sporty character and protect the watch buttons.

Another dimension of sound

With TITAN you can make and receive calls and play music from the watch. Everything in the highest quality! Listen to your favorite sounds for up to 12 hours.

TITAN will take care of your well-being thanks to intelligent health monitoring. The watch will immediately inform you when the results exceed the accepted standards. The smartwatch is equipped with sensors that can continuously measure health parameters.

The watch will measure blood oxygenation and inform you about the highest and lowest daily result, the 24/7 heart rate measurement function will allow you to control your daily activity, and the intelligent health management system will assess your stress level based on your heart rate and other health parameters.

*The smartwatch is not a medical product and the results obtained cannot be treated as medical measurements.

Healthy rest

TITAN will analyze the time spent relaxing and register naps during the day. It will assess the quality of your sleep and prepare a report, which will include information on the length of the deep and light phases. The recorded data can help you reduce fatigue and improve your well-being.

Rich visual experience

The screen of the TITAN model provides amazing quality of displayed content, with full viewing angles, with a resolution of 320*385px. All the properties and design of the durable, Gorilla Glass-protected display make the image extremely pleasing to the eye.

A battery for every challenge

A 380mAh battery with the function of minimizing battery consumption will allow you to enjoy the free use of the watch for many days. Thanks to the appropriate software, the smartwatch ensures long battery life, including 50 days of standby time and up to 15 days of daily use.
*The operating time depends on a number of factors, such as the brightness and illumination time of the screen, the frequency of measurements, and the duration of conversations.





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