SOS Wristband Maxcom FW735

FW735 is a special wireless and waterproof wristband for calling for help. We can connect it directly to our phone and use it to send text messages to our loved ones with the location and links to the Google map and OpenStreetMap, call the ICE contact number in loud-speaking mode or call for help by dialing 112. The band is made of a flexible and delicate material, not causing abrasions on the skin.


Product description

FW735 SOS wristband,
peace and security at your fingertips

One button, several alarms

The SOS wristband is a solution that provides seniors with safety and freedom, and their loved ones with peace and certainty that nothing bad is happening.

Thanks to the FW735 wristband, you will receive a notification when your loved one needs your help. One press of the SOS button on the wristband will result in:
– three indicated contacts receiving an SMS with the location
– the owner of the wristband will contact the person indicated as ICE

You no longer have to worry that you are not always close to the people you care about. FW735 will help you keep your finger on the pulse when you’re not around.

It's easy!

FW735 works with smartphone application, and the band is operated using one button. The band does not require a SIM card and is ready to use right out of the box.

Comfort and safety in every situation

The band is made of a flexible, very delicate and skin-friendly material. All this, combined with water resistance, ensures the comfort of using the band regardless of the situation or weather conditions. IP67 guarantees complete dustproofness and resistance to immersion when bathing in a bathtub or shower.

With care for health

The application allows easy access to health information needed by paramedics.

Free application

The band works with an exceptionally intuitive and completely free, Polish, proprietary smartphone application. The range of the band in an open area is 15 m. The ``Maxcom SOS`` application is compatible with Android operating systems 7.0 and newer. The band only works with smartphones.

Long working time

The band is equipped with a large capacity battery that allows for approximately 2 years of use. The battery is not rechargeable, but its replacement is easy thanks to the popular model (CR2023).




Frequency range

2402-2480 MHz

Weight (g)




to 15 m

Waterproof class