Product description

Any bike can be electric

Click and go

The patented locking mechanism allows RubbeeX to be installed and removed in a second.

Electric. Wireless.

Turn your bike into an electric one without complicated installation and without a single cable. A wireless sensor mounted in the pedal tracks your riding rhythm and automatically provides assistance. No buttons or levers, just an app on your phone.

Ultralight. For long distances.

Replaceable modular batteries allow you to configure RubbeeX as needed. Ultra-light electronic drive for fast everyday rides or longer range? The choice is yours.

Visible. Safe.

An additional LED rear light signals braking, changing direction and battery charge level.

Charge. Go.

Turn the pedals back half a turn to engage regenerative braking. The more often you recover, the further you go.

Bicycle. Moped.

If you equip RubbeeX with 3 batteries, POWER mode will be automatically activated. Rubbee's power will increase to 350W and the maximum speed will increase to 32 km/h. You can turn off POWER mode in the application.

Control. Analysis.

With the ride analysis feature, you can track your daily rides and control power output, regenerative braking and other features - all in the smartphone app.