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Maxcom is a partner of the “Young Pole” Gala – a night of female talents, passion and inspiration at the Wilanów Palace

In the magical interior of the Orangery of the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace in Wilanów, on November 28, 2023, the aria “Duo des fleurs” from the opera “Lakme” resounded. This is how the awards gala in the “Young Pole” competition, organized by m. incl. by the GLOV® brand.

“Young Polish Woman” is not only a tribute to young, talented Polish women, but also a journey through women’s choices, determination and involvement in social life. This is a special day – 105 years ago, on November 28, 1918, Polish women were granted voting rights. “Young Pole” is therefore a celebration of young talents, women’s strength and inspiration for future generations.

The competition accompanying the “Young Polish Woman” Gala covers areas from business and entrepreneurship, through education, science, media, to sports and social activities. Receiving the title is an expression of recognition for women leaders and inspiring figures who deserve recognition for their contribution to motivating society for further development.

The winners of the “Young Polish Woman” competition were: Izabela Przybylak (business and entrepreneurship), Michalina Popko (education and science), Oliwia Azis (media), Aleksandra Niewiadomska (sport), Paulina Jankowska (social activities), Agata Jakóbczak (medicine and health ), Martyna Łuszczek (inventions, innovations and new technologies), Anna Koehler and Gabriela Bania (culture and art). A special award for fighting online hate and promoting inclusivity was received by Martyna Kaczmarek, a social activist and propagator of the body acceptance movement.

Prizes for the winners in the form of a limited edition of the Maxcom FW58 Vanad Pro smartwatch in a set with a Glov Gua Sha massager were sponsored by the Maxcom brand.

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