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Jewelry smartwatches in the MAXCOM store – a combination of elegance and technology for your health

In the era of technological development, smartwatches have become an indispensable part of our everyday life. However, for many of us, carrying around a device that looks like an electronic gadget may not fit our style or preferences. That’s why the MAXCOM online store presents the latest offer of jewelry smartwatches.

Elegant, subtle and, above all, stylish – these are jewelry smartwatches. But are there more to these beautiful watches than just their looks? Of course!

High-level health monitoring

Jewelry smartwatches available from MAXCOM are equipped with the latest health monitoring technologies. They can track our heart rate and sleep quality. Thanks to them, we can take care of our health with greater precision.

Help in everyday life

Features such as reminders to drink water and support in daily meditation make our lives healthier and more balanced.

Elegance without compromise

Jewelry smartwatches offered by MAXCOM combine the elegance of traditional watches with the latest technologies. They are an excellent choice for people who value style but do not want to give up modern functions.

Technology for health

In addition to monitoring basic health parameters, many jewelry smartwatches have functions that support a healthy lifestyle. For example, reminders to get up and take a short walk after a few hours of sitting, or support in regular breathing exercises.

Jewelry smartwatches from MAXCOM

FW51 Crystal jewelry smartwatch

The FW51 Crystal smartwatch, a combination of elegance and modernity, not only decorates your wrist, but also takes care of your health. Black crystals and a subtle gold finish make the watch both a stylish piece of jewelry and a functional tool. With its help, you will be able to monitor your pulse, blood oxygenation level and much more. And thanks to the efficient battery, FW51 Crystal will accompany you throughout the week without having to recharge.


FW42 Silver jewelry smartwatch 

Created for modern women, the FW42 Silver smartwatch combines elegance and technology. The unique silver design will emphasize your style on any occasion. Thanks to the functions of activity and health monitoring and connection to the phone, the watch will become an irreplaceable element of your everyday life. FW42 Silver – a companion that takes care of your health and activity – with it you will always be up to date.


FW42 Gold jewelry smartwatch 

The FW42 Gold women’s smartwatch combines modernity with feminine design. Equipped with activity tracking, health tracking and phone notifications, it is the perfect combination of technology and style. The dynamic dial and waterproof design make it an irreplaceable companion for everyday challenges. Dedicated to women who value elegance and innovation in one.

To sum up, jewelry smartwatches are not only a beautiful addition to our wardrobe, but also a powerful tool supporting our health. Therefore, it is worth investing in technology that takes care of us at every step. We invite you to check out the offer of smartwatches in the MAXCOM online store. 



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